Fire Death or Injury

When a death or serious injury occurs from a fire or explosion, finding evidence of the cause and identifying the parties responsible for the cause are key for obtaining fair compensation for the victims and their families. Time is of the essence since this important evidence can be lost or destroyed in the aftermath of these incidents. Hiring a law firm whose attorneys have conducted hundreds of fire investigations, and can mobilize a team of investigators at a moment’s notice, may be the difference between success or failure in cases involving death or injury from a fire.

Fabian, Sklar, King & Liss, P.C. is committed to:

  • Responding immediately with a team of attorneys and investigators to conduct an origin and cause investigation on your behalf; and
  • Preserving and protecting crucial evidence that could be lost or destroyed.

Because the determination of the origin, cause and responsibility of a fire or explosion is so critical, Fabian, Sklar, King & Liss, P.C. attorneys are on the forefront of fire investigation standards and methodologies. We literally wrote the book on fire investigations.

There is no greater tragedy than experiencing a death or injury from a fire. Our attorneys possess the knowledge and expertise to help you find the justice you deserve.