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The victims of fires and explosions, as well as their insurance companies, want to know why the fire started or what caused the explosion. The ensuing analysis is called an origin and cause investigation—which is a crucial step that can greatly affect the rights and outcomes for victims of these disasters.

Since the determination of the origin, cause and responsibility of a fire or explosion is so critical, our seasoned attorneys are on the forefront of fire investigation standards and methodologies with an unmatched expertise in fire origin and cause investigations. Several of our attorneys are Certified Fire and Explosion Investigators, have served on the National Fire Protection Association’s Technical Committee on Fire Investigations (NFPA 921), and currently serve on the Technical Committee on Fire Investigator Professional Qualifications (NFPA 1033)—which writes the standards governing the investigation of fires, and the qualifications necessary to become a fire investigator. Our expertise and access to top national experts in fire and explosion investigations, fire science, chemical fire debris analysis, engineering and computer fire modeling allows us to coordinate and oversee a fire origin and cause investigation of any size and complexity anywhere in the United States.

It is important to have an experienced attorney who can immediately respond to the scene of a fire or explosion with a team of knowledgeable fire and explosion experts to protect your interests.