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Holding Insurance Agents Accountable for Their Mistakes

Most people trust their insurance agent’s judgment when it comes to determining the proper amount of insurance coverage and in obtaining the right kind of coverage. However, insurance agents can make mistakes, and these mistakes can cost your home or business.

As a general rule, insurance agents are not required to advise their customers as to what are the appropriate policy limits, coverages and potential exclusions that may apply when obtaining an insurance policy.

However, once a customer requests a specific coverage or policy limit and the agent agrees to place it, the agent has a legal duty to obtain the requested coverage. This is applicable to all future renewals with that agent.

When an insurance agent fails to obtain the insurance coverage requested, or fails to obtain the proper amount of coverage after representing that the insurance policy will fully insure the customer’s property, it can have devastating results that can cost the customer hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

Our attorneys have obtained multimillion-dollar judgments against insurance agents — including two of the largest judgments against insurance agencies in Michigan history — resulting from insurance agent negligence.