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Michigan’s Most Experienced Team of Attorneys

Our attorneys have decades of experience fighting for homeowners and business owners in property insurance claim disputes with insurance companies. We represent homeowners and business owners with all types of property insurance claims, including:

  • Fire loss
  • Water loss
  • Explosions
  • Wind damage
  • Theft loss
  • Vandalism
  • Water damage
  • Jewelers Block claims
  • Business interruption
  • Lost rents
  • Additional living expense

You Need an Experienced Partner

We specialize in representing policyholders who have been asked by their insurance companies to give an examination under oath.

An examination under oath is a sworn statement of an insured individual or representative of an insured business. It involves being questioned under oath by the insurance company’s lawyer in front of a court reporter and requires the policyholder to provide numerous documents requested by the insurance company (frequently of a sensitive financial nature) as part of the insurance company’s investigation of a claim.

When faced with an examination under oath, it is critical to have an experienced attorney on your side who fully understands what an insurer can and cannot do under the insurance policy during the numerous hours of questioning an insured must endure. Our attorneys are experienced in preparing policyholders and representatives for an examination under oath in order to protect your rights. The insurance company hires a lawyer to question you for a reason. You need an experienced insurance lawyer on your side, too.

Unmatched Expertise in Fire Investigation

Arson and fraud allegations can be emotionally and financially devastating, and these types of claims require thorough investigations to effectively combat unfounded accusations by insurance companies.

Recognizing that insurance companies retain attorneys for arson and fraud investigations who are specialists in property insurance law, fire investigation techniques and claims handling procedures, our firm was established to provide policyholders and the victims of fires and other covered losses with the same expertise.

With more than 150 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys stay on the cutting edge of fire investigation standards and methodologies to better serve our clients. Our attorneys include Certified Fire and Explosion Investigators and have served on the National Fire Protection Association’s Technical Committee on Fire Investigations (NFPA 921), and currently serve on the Technical Committee on Fire Investigator Professional Qualifications (NFPA 1033).

Because of our qualifications and experience, we can coordinate and oversee fire and explosion origin and cause investigations of any size or complexity.

Who better to fight to collect the insurance money you are entitled to than the attorneys who helped develop the standards that insurance companies must follow during fire origin and cause investigations?

Unlock the Truth Behind Your Policy

The language of an insurance policy can often be confusing and ambiguous. Millions of dollars can hang on important keywords or phrases in the policy, so an accurate interpretation of the insurance policy is vital to successfully collect the insurance proceeds you are rightfully entitled to receive.

Our attorneys have extensive experience untangling the knots in insurance policies and compelling insurance companies to fulfill their obligations to you.  Our attorneys have been involved in writing Michigan Insurance Law and Practice, the authoritative text on Michigan property insurance law. They have also lectured extensively to attorneys and other professional groups on property insurance issues and given testimony at legislative hearings on potential changes in insurance law.

We can answer insurance policy coverage questions before a dispute with an insurance company arises. When a claim is disputed or denied, we fight for you to make sure that the insurance policy is properly interpreted and you receive the full insurance benefits to which you are entitled.

Getting You Every Dollar You’re Entitled To

Some people incorrectly believe that the insurance company will determine the amount of their loss.  In reality, it is your obligation to timely submit and properly document the amount of your claim to your insurance company. Accurate valuation and documentation of your damages and proper submission of your claim to the insurance company can be time-consuming, confusing and difficult.

We can assist in your insurance claim valuation and documentation in many types of losses, including:

  • Building
  • Contents
  • Business personal property
  • Inventory
  • Replacement cost
  • Actual cash value
  • Stock
  • Business interruption/loss of income
  • Additional living expenses
  • Machinery and equipment

We have extensive resources—including public adjusters, accountants and appraisers—to make sure your insurance claim valuation is accurate and that your insurance company pays the full amount you are entitled to receive under your insurance policy.

If you have experienced a loss and have not yet determined the full amount of your claim, or have submitted a claim to your property insurance company without receiving the full value of your claim, let our team of attorneys experienced in insurance claim valuation get to work immediately to fight for all the money to which you are entitled.

We’ll Get to the Bottom of Your Case

The victims of fires and explosions, as well as their insurance companies, want to know why the fire started or what caused the explosion. The ensuing analysis is called an origin and cause investigation—which is a crucial step that can greatly affect the rights and outcomes for victims of these disasters.

Since the determination of the origin, cause and responsibility of a fire or explosion is so critical, our seasoned attorneys are on the forefront of fire investigation standards and methodologies with an unmatched expertise in fire origin and cause investigations. Several of our attorneys are Certified Fire and Explosion Investigators, have served on the National Fire Protection Association’s Technical Committee on Fire Investigations (NFPA 921), and currently serve on the Technical Committee on Fire Investigator Professional Qualifications (NFPA 1033)—which writes the standards governing the investigation of fires, and the qualifications necessary to become a fire investigator. Our expertise and access to top national experts in fire and explosion investigations, fire science, chemical fire debris analysis, engineering and computer fire modeling allows us to coordinate and oversee a fire origin and cause investigation of any size and complexity anywhere in the United States.

It is important to have an experienced attorney who can immediately respond to the scene of a fire or explosion with a team of knowledgeable fire and explosion experts to protect your interests.