You Need an Experienced Partner

We specialize in representing policyholders who have been asked by their insurance companies to give an examination under oath.

An examination under oath is a sworn statement of an insured individual or representative of an insured business. It involves being questioned under oath by the insurance company’s lawyer in front of a court reporter and requires the policyholder to provide numerous documents requested by the insurance company (frequently of a sensitive financial nature) as part of the insurance company’s investigation of a claim.

When faced with an examination under oath, it is critical to have an experienced attorney on your side who fully understands what an insurer can and cannot do under the insurance policy during the numerous hours of questioning an insured must endure. Our attorneys are experienced in preparing policyholders and representatives for an examination under oath in order to protect your rights. The insurance company hires a lawyer to question you for a reason. You need an experienced insurance lawyer on your side, too.